A chili but warm wedding at Wijenburg Castle

A wedding day is always cozy and warm, especially at Wijenburg Castle. Even on a cold winter day like this, the fire was nicely stoked and provided a delicious scent and warmth in the castle. A small taste of this cozy wedding day.

First place at the NineDots Gathering 2017

At the end of the Wedding season it’s time for the NineDots Gathering in London. A event spread over 3 amazing days with more than 150 international Wedding Photographers. A big part from the UK but also from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Israel and even Australia. With well known speakers from the Wedding Photography scene […]

LOVESHOOT SPECIAL; a Photoshoot in the city New York

After months it is ready, our new website and rebranding is live. It was time to change it after 11 years of DIY. Until now nothing about New York or a Loveshoot, we will come to that later. This mini-movie shows the inspiration and where we can find it. This website is based on the […]

Favorite photo by judge Victor Hamke

“This picture effortlessly caught my attention by bringing up memories of old movies. It certainly made me curious. That was my first feeling before I started to look at the fragments that add up to draw the viewer in. The content of the picture is structured in different layers, which – contrary to many other […]

Wedding Photography in London

Wear your Weddingdress only once? We don’t think so, with this nice couple we went to London for there After-Weddingshoot. And as the English bus tells us… Next stop is USA. Want to go with us to New York… let us know.