Storytelling Wedding Photography at a Castle or Estate

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My full name is Arvid, Wedding Photography is my passion. I will tell your Lovesstory on your Wedding day or with a Loveshoot. Both give a memorie for life. Brides and grooms give us an A+! #proud Read more about us.


Enduring memories for now and forever—that’s what you want from your big day. We capture your wedding and all that comes with it as purely as possible, moment by moment, so you can relive the magic of your wedding day for a lifetime.

Whether you choose our condensed Storytelling slideshow or our extended Storytelling wedding album, we will provide you with a lovely collection of your most incredible, captivating memories. See our portfolio.



Did you choose the decor of a beautiful castle or the scenery of an old estate for your wedding or shoot? We share your taste for the historical! The history of such venues offers a classic, gorgeous background for our contemporary photography style, and with you as the focal point, we can create a fantastic wedding collection.

Wedding couples agree: ARV & MAYK are worth an A+

  • Fearless Photographers Award winning Wedding Photographer
  • Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography
  • International ZankYou Wedding Photography Award
  • International AG-WPJA Awards
  • International Wedisson Award Winner
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Deze bruidsparen blijven al onbeperkt nagenieten

  • Ton & Denise on The Perfect Wedding

    “Wow, you have taken care of everything. From day one we had a very nice feeling, and what a result. You know everything you need to know and are very skilled. We are looking back at a fantastic day with beautiful photos as a memory. Thank you for your great effort!”


    “Ik kan iedereen ARV & MAYK aanbevelen!! Wij zijn voor de tweede keer getrouwd en hebben nog nooit een fotograaf gezien met zoveel passie voor zijn vak! Vanaf het eerste gesprek tot aan het overhandigen van het album is het contact erg prettig. Dit zijn niet zomaar foto`s maar het is ware passie vol met liefde!”

Can we tell your story?

Looking for the perfect photographer for your wedding day or photoshoot? We always try to photograph with both of us present so we have the perspectives of a bride and a groom to best capture your most beautiful moments.

We love to capture the essence and beauty of every love story, and we will do everything possible to make your memories timeless, creative, artistic, inspiring, and majestic. In one word: perfect.

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