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Since I’m married myselve, I know exactly what feelings the bride and the groom each experience during a wedding, and we know what is important for us to be there to catch. We take especial care to get to know you and what you want. Both wedding photography and engagement shoots are relaxing for the couples we work with, and you can see that in the pictures.

My love for exquisite castles and mansions was born way before our own wedding at Rosendael Castle in 2008, and not long after that, our two children were also born (followed by the adoption of two quintessentially Dutch pets, a Frisian Stabij dog and a Holland Lop rabbit). We have our happily ever after, and we’re excited to help you start yours! We will be there to support you through the photoshoot and the whole wedding ceremony.

Contact us here so we can help you save the memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

  • Gezin
    Happy together at Rosendael Castle (left to right: Rinke, Mayke, Loef, Idske and Arvid). So fun to show our kids where our wedding took place!
  • We derive inspiration from classic Dutch painters, especially Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Van Gogh. We go to art museums even with the kids in tow.
  • Melkmeisje
    Vermeer’s painting, hung in the gallery of honor in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, is also in our own gallery of honor along with two Van Goghs.
  • We’re diehard fans who love to go crazy to their music. This was at the Nine Dots after-party in London, dancing to ‘Can’t Stop’ with its fitting lyrics, “Choose not a life of imitation.”
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  • Rembrandt
  • Milkmaiden
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers

Arv's Style

We don’t produce just any pictures. Our style is to display your love story in all of its glory. Wedding photography with a passion to represent the wedding couple and all their beautiful past and future—that’s STORYTELLING, and that’s what we do. You never have to pose with us. Just be yourself, SPONTANEOUS, and let us help guide you subtly to make the shoot and its product comfortable and reflective of you. We are always looking for special techniques, new perspectives, and creative, unique methods of photography so your beautiful memories will be made TIMELESS.

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A wedding day is filled with lovely moments and precious emotions—never let them be forgotten. We collect them unobtrusively so you can relish your Best Day Ever without worrying about our work.


As photographers, we are fascinated by light—and we know how to play with it to draw attention to the elements that matter in your shoot. A picture says a thousand words, and a wedding photo is all about you and your love story. We make sure nothing else steals the spotlight!


Wherever we look, we see many different gifts that we can incorporate in wedding photography: a reflection in the glass of a framed painting, the sparkling lights of candles, sunbeams (or rain) on the water… Anything that makes your photoshoot extra special.


An imposing castle, a romantic estate, or a palace full of splendor—these are the locations where we work our best magic! We weave the setting of your wedding ceremony or Loveshoot into your photos like no one else, and we always look for the unique elements that will give your pictures a fresh quality.


Vermeer’s lighting and perspective. The dark and light of Rembrandt. The incredible techniques of Van Gogh. We study the talents of the masters so we can bring the skills back to life in your wedding photos.

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