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The World has so many beautifull (wedding)places! Thanks to our job we have seen a lot, but also some on our list.

New York
• Curaçao
• Woestijn
• Alpen
• Arles
• Venetië
• Rome


We hear from our couples a lot awesome places for their Homeymoon. Like; Bali, Peru, Florida and Mauritius. We would love to come on this great trip. And now w have find tomething for this; the Honeymoonshoot!

How does the Honeymoonshoot work?
Probably the best trip of your life, what about the photos from this trip? You can take some of each other separately. But we really love to come with you. We won’t bother you 24/7, but one day we make the best holiday photos you ever had. Don’t want a photographer around… just send us a card.

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