Timeline of a destination Loveshoot

What does that look like, a Loveshoot or Engagement-shoot with ARV & MAYK abroad? Well, whether we have an extra day planned at an international workshop, or traveling to a kingdom far far away, it will be fun, cozy and (thanks to the preparations) relaxed. You can see what a destination Loveshoot in general looks like in this timeline.

Before we go we do a consultation

Of course we do not just go to New York or Rome for a Loveshoot, we prepare it. We want to know who you are, which places you would like to visit.

Do you make a wishlist for us with the places you would like to see? Suppose we go to London, think about:

  • Covent Garden
  • The streets of Soho
  • Leadenhall Market

Arvid the tour guide

Well, maybe an undiscovered talent, but Arvid pops up all the maps, Google Maps, Google Streetview, Metro maps and museum maps (that’s more for in his break;)).

After having connected all the dots on the map, the best walking paths, metro and photo times are calculated. Whether it is necessary such a planning, certainly if we want to fill the time as well as possible with the most beautiful locations.

Lunch or dinner?

Because we don’t just run off after the photos are taken, we have to do a nice closing. If the couple likes it too, we will have something to eat. If we do a morning shoot it usually ends with a lunch and at the evening with a dinner.

Where we are going to eat, something everyone likes.

Where do we meet?

Probably in an easy place where we can’t miss each other. At a metro exit, a coffee bar or Nando’s.



The photo shoot

Time to fully relax, you no longer have to think about the city and enjoy each other alone. Everything is well prepared, Arvid takes you to the most beautiful places. A private tour guide and love photographer in one, no more worries.

Time to say; Goodbye

All the fun comes to an end, we close with a bite and then go our own way again. If you have the morning shoot we will go to the next couple and at the evening shoot we will enter the ‘rough’ nightlife;).

And what now?

Once home, all photos are selected and beautifully edited. When we are completely happy with the results, we will share the photos with you.

We will then start with the design of the photo album which you can view and review online. When you are completely happy … we order the album.


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