Gouves Animal Shelter – Stray Dogs Photography Documentary

Gouves Animal Shelter

The first project is starten at the stray dog shelter of mister Manolis on Crete. He cares for around 200 stray dogs (and about 200 cats as well), from 5am to 10pm on a daily basis. With or without help of volunteers he cares for them every single day.

The documentary at this moment is in the development stage. You can follow the progress onĀ Instagram

You can help!

These Stray Dog Documentaries are a personal project without a profit motive. I want to show how life is in a dog shelter.

This personal projects are depending on donations and eventual cooperations with companies. You can help with donating a small amount. We show your name if the donation is 25 euro or more.


Business opportunities

For business we show the name when a gift is more than 250 euro. Special mentions or other cooperations are possible, just contact us.

Donation spending

The donations are spread out over the current and future projects. So we can cover the cost for the documentary. Travel and other expenses are spent with respect to the donation.

Donations to the shelter

Direct donations to the asylum can be done via their own website, which can be found at the relevant project.


Feel free to contact me, I am happy to help you.

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