“This picture effortlessly caught my attention by bringing up memories of old movies. It certainly made me curious. That was my first feeling before I started to look at the fragments that add up to draw the viewer in. The content of the picture is structured in different layers, which – contrary to many other pictures – are interacting with each other.”

“The groom is dressing up while we see a stranger mirrored in the glass who’s at the same time looking at the groom and at the viewer of the picture. The reflection is distorted and slightly blurred which means that the exact facial expression can only be guessed. A candid moment which for me is as much a street scene as it is a wedding picture. I experience an element of mystery and confusion that make me stay and want to learn more about that place and that make me want to decode what I see.”

“Overall it has for me a captivating classic look while overcoming the character of a “generic” getting ready picture – piercing the viewer with its intricacy and masculine vibe.”

Victor Hamke

Jury member 13th round Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography