At the end of the Wedding season it’s time for the NineDots Gathering in London. A event spread over 3 amazing days with more than 150 international Wedding Photographers. A big part from the UK but also from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Israel and even Australia. With well known speakers from the Wedding Photography scene it’s always an super inspiring event. This year it was the second time I attended.


The event is held in “Bounce”; the ping pong place from London. For this reason on day one the epic ping pong tournament started. I didn’t manage to not-loose but you can’t win everything.

Nine Dots

The print contest is also a nice part of the event. All participants can submit their best 3 photos, I also sent 3 which included the now familiar photo of a groom in the mirror. Even though this photo has already won 3 awards, I am super happy to see that he had achieved the top 20. On the second day the winner was announced by the jury (consisting of a number of speakers), a first place I never expected and hoped for the 4th place. But unfortunately the 4th place went to someone else. Because I knew that I would not be in the top 3, I was extra happy for those who were number 3 and 2. When the number 1 became known I was completely overwhelmed and could not control my joy (as in the top picture).

Simply the best of all those talented wedding photographers! And not even with a bride-with-an-epic-fluttering-veil-on top-a-mountain-top-in-the-Andes on the picture. The mysterious, cinematic photo won.

First Place

The ticket for next year is already in the pocket and 2 more weddings before we really can close the year.